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          Orientation of Coporate Culture

          Corporate Vision

          Build a"gas cylinder kingdom"with an annual output of 500000 high-pressure gas cylinders and strive to be a world-class benchmark enterprise in the industry.

          Core Values

          Pursue high-tech essence and abide by the true integrity

          Management Idea

          Quality first, customer first

          Management Philosophy

          Be systematic, scientific, simplistic and humanistic

          Safety Concept

          Revere life and abide by rules

          Innovation Concept

          No making without breaking, perpetual innovation

          Talent Concept

          Integrity of ability and Virtue, no pay no gain

                                                              Service Concept

          Respect customer, detail first

          Behavior Standard

          Be firm, hardworking, virtuous and self-improvement

          Army Culture

          Strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, action first

          Honesty Culture

          Advocate morality and honesty, quality and reputation first

          Learning Culture

          Respect learning and good at using, learn from each other openheartedly

          Organizational Culture

          Listen to the party, cultural discussion

          Team Culture

          Being together creates things

          Contact Us

          Complete vehicle number: +8613974733666

          Domestic trade telephone: +8613762248301

          Foreign trade telephone: +8613875788446


          Support Hotline:


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