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          Recruitment notice

          HENGYANG JINHUA HIGH PRESSURE CONTAINER CO.LTD.is a high-pressure gas cylinder manufacturing enterprise established by Hunan Jinhua Science and technology group,which specializes in the production of automobile natural gas cylinder(B3),seamless steel cylinder(B1)and other high-pressure gas cylinders.Due to the company's business development,we are looking for the following personnel:

          Maintenance fitter

          1 person,male,30-45 years old,graduated from mechanical or mechatronics major,able to obey the company's work arrangement,hard-working.Have more than 5 years experience in large and medium-sized machinery manufacturing enterprises,understand electric welding and be able to deal with hydraulic equipment faults.

          Maintenance electrician

          1 person,male,30-45 years old,technical secondary school degree or above,with electrician certificate,strong sense of responsibility,hard-working,more than two years of work experience in the maintenance of large equipment and electrical parts.

          General worker

          Several,male,age 18-45 years old,healthy,can bear hardships and stand hard work,adapt to three shifts.Safety and environmental protection specialist

          1 person,male,22-45 years old,college degree or above,has been engaged in safety and environmental protection management;has a certain understanding of the environment,occupational health and safety management system;is familiar with the relevant safety and environmental protection laws and regulations,can fill in the relevant statements independently;works actively,has a strong sense of responsibility.

          Fringe benefits

          The probation period is 1-3 months.The company provides food and accommodation.The company issues year-end bonus according to production,sales,benefits and so on.There are welfare subsidy materials for each new year.

          Join Jinhua team hotline:8856968

          Address:No.15 SONGFENG Road,songmu Industrial Park,shigu District,Hengyang



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          Complete vehicle number: +8613974733666

          Domestic trade telephone: +8613762248301

          Foreign trade telephone: +8613875788446


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